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Houston Experience Center

World-class industrial training and live market applications.

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Australia Experience Center

Leading source for industry training, providing access to Eaton's full product portfolio.


Eaton is dedicated to the ongoing training and education of end-users, distributors, engineers and procurement professionals. With thousands of products and hundreds of solutions, Eaton utilizes a variety of tools and locations to deliver comprehensive training on a wide variety of Eaton product lines and the latest industry and market topics. Whether you are searching for a classroom experience or hands-on product training within a true application environment, Eaton delivers training designed to satisfy countless needs.

Offering training in-person within numerous regions across the globe and online training through eLearning across all divisions, Eaton is constantly working to expand its learning capabilities to deliver industry-best experiences to customers worldwide.

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Experience Centers

Eaton offers in-person training through a variety facilities delivering training to customers across the globe. With facilities in Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Korea, and more to come, Eaton is uniquely positioned to provide customers with a true global learning experience.

Learn more about Eaton products and get industry training through our division training facilities and global technology centers.


Eaton recognizes the need for instant access to industry-leading training and education. To provide this, Eaton  offers online training for all Eaton divisions though eLearning.

Eaton eLearning features training on Eaton products, industry standards, and vertical markets conveniently accessable for your learning needs. Access Eaton eLearning today for an interactive learning experience.

Featured Training Center

Houston Experience Center

From a mock petrochemical refinery to a substation and power distribution grid, the Houston Experience Center provides a global education solution with the unique ability to give visitors hands-on training in a true application environment. The facility offers world-class industrial training in an innovative 55,000-square-foot facility representing a manifestation of global trends within the industrial space. In addition to live application installations, the facility features multiple training rooms all designed to help facilitate industry-specific education and hands-on demonstrations of Eaton's entire line of electrical products and solutions from a proven industry leader.