Arktite® WSRD Series Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Safety Disconnect Switches

Arktite® WSRD Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Safety Disconnect Switches are:

  • Used as a service outlet for portable or fixed electrical equipment, such as generators, compressors, welders, portable tools, conveyors, lighting systems and similar equipment
  • Designed for use in non-hazardous areas where dust, moisture and corrosion may be a problem
  • Designed for flush or surface mounting
  • A fusible switch, when used, provides short circuit protection

For legacy WSRD models featuring Siemens and Square D disconnect switches, please click here.

Amperages 30; 60; 100A
Styles Style 1 or Style 2
Configurations Style 1: 3W 3P fusible or 3W 3P non-fusible; Style 2: 3W 4P fusible or 3W 4P non-fusible
Safety Disconnect Switch Eaton Cutler-Hammer
Voltages 240 VAC; 250 VDC; 480 VAC; 600 VAC
Maximum Horsepower Ratings 15 to 75 HP
Enclosure Material Sheet steel or Type 304 stainless steel
Recepacle Housing Material Copper-free aluminum


  • Optional window allows viewing of both visible blade and indicating type fuses
  • HP rated enclosed switch for motor load applications
  • Optional 22.5° rotated interior of receptacle allows for differentiation when used on circuits of different voltages
  • Ground bar supplied as standard and connected to 4th wire in receptacle
  • The switch enclosure and receptacle are interlocked with the body and operating mechanism; the enclosure cannot be opened when the plug is engaged and switch is in ON position
  • Switch cannot be turned on with enclosure door open
  • Interlock mechanism on the receptacle prevents plug from being disengaged under load
  • Factory adjusted interlock rod assures optimal interface with receptacle
  • Tool-free cover latches for quick and easy access
  • Corrosion- and impact-resistant
  • Type 4X, watertight and IP66 ratings (model dependent)
  • Door with seamless gasket prevents moisture ingress
  • Handle with insulated grip features a positive stop in both ON and OFF positions
  • Complies with OSHA lockout/tagout requirements
  • Corro-free™ powder coat epoxy and threaded cap ensure added corrosion resistance (stainless steel versions)
  • Split pin, self-wiping naval brass contacts in receptacle provide nearly 360° contact and ensure better contact life