SS4X Series Industrial Combination Motor Starters

SS4X Industrial Combination Motor Starters are used in:

  • Damp, wet, dirty, dusty areas where ultimate corrosion and ingress protection is required
  • Harsh motor control environments, including: refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, corrosive process facilities, food and beverage, marine and mining
  • Across-the-line starting, stopping, speed changing and reversing of polyphased AC induction motors
Motor Starters Single, three-phase; 3-pole, non-reversing, full voltage
NEMA Sizes Sizes 0-5, up to 200 HP
Circuit Breakers 3-pole, 600 VAC; 3A through 400A
Disconnect Switches 3-pole, 600 VAC; 30A through 400A
Fusing Fusible or non-fusible
Short Circuit Rating 100,000 rms (480V breakers, fused disconnects)
Materials Enclosure and external hardware - 304 stainless steel; external latching hardware - chrome-plated steel; internal mounting plate - powder coated steel; internal hardware - zinc-plated steel


  • C440 solid-state electronic overload providing reliable, accurate and value-driven protection, including communication capabilities, while reducing inventory carrying costs with wide FLA adjustment (5:1) and selectable trip class
  • Adjustable bimetallic ambient compensated overload relays with interchangeable heater packs – available in three basic sizes,
    covering applications up to 100 HP
  • Fixed heater overloads optional
  • A full line of snap-on accessories – top and side mounted auxiliary contacts, solid-state and pneumatic timers
  • Straight through wiring – line lugs at top, load lugs at bottom
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting on upright panel for application freedom
  • Screw type power terminals have captive, backed out self-lifting pressure plates with ± screws for reduced wiring time
  • Accessible terminals for easy wiring; optional fingerproof shields available to prevent electrical shock
  • Top located coil terminals convenient and readily accessible; 45mm contactor magnet coils have three terminals, permitting
    either top or diagonal wiring – easy to replace European or U.S. style starters or contactors without changing wiring layout
  • Encapsulated dual voltage/frequency magnet coils – permanently marked with voltage, frequency and catalog number
  • Designed to meet or exceed UL, CSA, IEC, VDE, BS and other international standards and listings