ER4 Series Industrial Disconnect Switches

ER4 Industrial Disconnect Switches provide a robust UL98 rated design to withstand long-term corrosive and harsh environments.  The complete line includes both fused and non-fused rotary disconnect switches from 30A to 800A, providing flexibility and convenience for point-of-use configuration.

ER4 Disconnect Switches are built to serve as a main disconnect or provide branch circuit protection in a variety of applications in heavy industrial environments.

Voltages 600 VAC; 250-600 VDC
Amperages 16A to 800A
Short Circuit Current Ratings UL98: 35kA-200kA; UL508: 10kA-65kA
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +70°C


  • UL98 Listed for general purpose, main disconnect or branch circuit protection up to 600 VAC/DC
  • Multiple field installed accessories enhance the enclosed disconnect switches to fit the desired application
  • Lockout/tagout – up to three 1/4" padlocks can be installed on external handles for added safety